HR Basics and What You Need To Know

No company expects to have their managers trained to be HR generalists, but they should provide a foundation of knowledge and information for these managers to lead upon and understand the rights of their teams.  They need to understand the laws as they pertain to equal and civil rights to protect not just themselves and the company they represent, but the people they hired and work with, day in and day out.


Your managers are your team leaders and they need to have the basic knowledge to understand the Do's and the Dont's in regard to HR laws.  Any company that does not provide a foundation of learning and understanding with HR laws are merely asking for trouble.  Why jeopardize your business when the information is available. 


We can help you get started with onboarding and hiring and creating the necessary documentation you need to begin hiring employees, including creating an employee handbook. We can provide your managers the knowledge to understand how to and how not to manage and lead their teams. In short, we can help you better understand the basics of HR law.

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