The SHAPE of Service Management

When did service become a 4-letter word? Have you ever dined out and found yourself scratching your head because your being ignored? When did providing great service become something of the past?


In short, there are really only 3 things necessary for a restaurant to be successful:


Great Food!

Great Atmosphere!

Great People! (This being the most important!)


When you think about it, what else is there?


We help provide expert training and information to your management team so they can train your service team.  This way, everyone clearly understands the expectations and the accountability chain is in place.


SHAPE is short for; Systems, Hiring, Accountability, People, Education. These are the 5-key elements we believe a great leaders should be able to manage for his or her success with their team.  We provide you with your SHAPE and help your team be the leaders their teams need to make more money and be happy. (Which in turn means you are making more money and are happier.)

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