Training Programs

Our goal with the Culinary Networking Group is to provide knowledge and training.  We specialize in restaurant management and operations and we have the systems and designs to help you be successful! We train managers to be better leaders. Servers to make more money. Owner to be more profitable.


We have learned over the years that in any business, comes failures and successes.  However, oftentimes, those successes are few and far between.  We have the ability to provide your team with knowledge, for with knowledge, comes power. 


We don't see anything other than solutions to problems and answers to questions.


We provide training to leaders so they can be better prepared and informed. Knowledge is power and with power comes success and profits!


Our training programs consist of:

  • Management & Leadership Training & Development
  • Menu Development
  • Line Cook Training & Development
  • Inventory Control and Ordering Management
  • Financial Management & Cost of Goods Sold Management
  • P&L Management to maxmize profits!
  • HR Management
  • Service and Standards Management
  • Workplace Injury Management
  • Bar 101 Training
  • Intelliserve- Responsible Beverage Service Training


Our training programs allow you to better understand your concept and increase your bottom line to maximize profits!

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