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If I could show you how to lose weight and live a healthier life, would you be interested? Are you a person who has trouble "dieting" and making healthy food choices? Are you, like me, an emotional eater who struggles to be happy?


Who am I? I'm considered to be obese. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and am not considered to be a very healthy person. All things I have heard all my adult life and most of my childhood. I’m in my mid-50’s and I’m a candidate for heart disease, stroke and pre-diabetes. I’m just a guy trying to make it work in this world. In other words, I'm probably just like you and millions of other American men struggling to be happy.


I have struggled with my weight my entire life.  More so, I’ve struggled with my emotions and how my being overweight affected my emotions.  I’m an emotional eater and by the looks of things, I’ve spent a lifetime being emotional and feeding those emotions.


I’d lose weight and find myself enjoying life.  Only to find myself back in the vortex of emotions and eating until I gained back all the weight I had lost, and then some. My health suffered because of the continual shift in weight; up 60, down 50, only to go back up again.  My body was suffering because I was not strong enough to stay on a diet and remain in good health.  


I'm an educator. I have been a college professor for nearly a decade and I own a culinary training and education company, so I'm surrounded by amazing food all the time. But during the day, I'm in control. At night, the food is.


Recently, a friend introduced me to SlimRoast Optimum coffee.  While I was skeptical and thought it was just another one of those hair brained, weight loss schemes, I quickly learned that it was not.  Much to my surprise, SlimRoast Optimum was helping me to not just lose weight, but to settle my cravings and balance my emotions. 


I told my friend that I wanted to remain on SlimRoast Optimum for 2 weeks and then I would determine if I was going to endorse it.  I was still skeptical, but slowly, I started seeing the scale change. I fit into clothes I had not worn in years.  But then I realized something even more powerful, I was not eating late and I was not experiencing the cravings as I have always lived with. I asked myself, is this real?


It was. It is, real! 


Yes, I am selling a product but no, it is not my job. I'm not planning to get rich at this but I am planning on sharing my story...which could be your story as well. If I can help you, then I've achieved my goal.


In less than 1 month, I've lost 15 pounds. My blood pressure has lowered and I feel better. But I'm not there yet.

March 28, 2019 I weighed in at 236 pounds.  A weight I was remaining steady at for over a month.  I was not really taking care of myself and while I was not over-eating as I normally did, I was not eating right, as I knew I should.  Then, after running into my friend and trying SlimRoast Optimum, I was amazed as in 30 days, I was down to 221 pounds, down 15 and 1.5 inches.  And today, I am at 219 pounds, down a total of 17 pounds.  The only change, I was drinking SlimRoast Optimum every morning.



Yes, this is really me at 258 pounds! My wife snuck this photo and it was a true wake up call!  


Contact me to order your SlimRoast Optimum or any other healthy lifestyle products at





I hit a plateau, which is to be expected, but am not getting down on myself. Instead, I'm focused on doing more to achieve my goal of being back at 195 when I met my wife and was "back in shape." In the meantime, I'm feeling good and wearing clothes I've not worn in years.


Along with SlimRoast Optimum, I'm using Prevail Max for a cleansing and energy boost, 24/7 Prevail Carb Burn and I eat clean during the week and have a bit of a splurge day on Sunday. I am walking and swimming a bit as I want to tone as well as lose. For me, the proof is in not just the scale, but how I feel and the clothes I am now able to wear.

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